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Created by Massimo Vignelli’s former associates Yoshiki Waterhouse and Beatriz Cifuentes, the V Calendar pays homage to the late maestro’s modernist aesthetic and design ethos. Deploying Vignelli’s signature tightly kerned Helvetica, Cifuentes and Waterhouse lay out all 365 days on a single sheet, forming an undulating pattern across the year. The start of each week (Monday) is highlighted in super warm red — Vignelli’s favourite colour.

Its condensed, vertical format, running 41,3 x 97,5 cm, is designed to fit most spaces in the home from the fridge door to the office wall and beyond. The calendar is topped by a triple-folder header for extra structure, and supplied with 3M hanging strips.


HR - White - Table - 1x1

Black, white and green! Both the calendar and its packaging are 100% recyclable.

Manufactured in the UK, with paper sourced from Sweden.

Supplied with 3M poster strips for easy adhesion to the wall.


All UK orders are sent by tracked delivery from our UK warehouse, and arrive within 2-3 business days.

"Our tribute to Massimo"

— Yoshiki Waterhouse

The highest quality Swedish paper

Dreamed up to feel as much like a piece wall of art as a calendar, the V Calendar is made with high quality 200gsm Scandia 2000 paper, printed using double-hit Pantone for a solid coat.

Mark each month

The V Calendar comes with a set of 12 black, peel-off stickers designed to be stuck to the left of the current month’s letter to mark the passage of time. The stickers can be easily peeled off at the end of each month, or left in place, forming a ‘progress’ bar throughout the year.

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